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TOny Eyre Challenge 3 - 5th Oct 2018

TOny Eyre Challenge 3 We have a correct identification of the author of yesterday's little-known title. And again, it was Harlyn Tran who was first in withe the correct name. 

The title for today's Tony Eyre Challenge is The Single Hound

To enter, just go to our Facebook page and be the first to name the famous author of the above title. Remember that Internet and/or Google use is frowned upon (not quite cheating - but near enough). Just don't!!!

Tony Eyre Challenge 2 - 4th Oct 2018

Tony Eyre Challenge 2 Yesterday's lesser-known title has been correctly identified by Harlyn Tran. If you knew the answer, you obviously weren't quick enough. Get in first this time in our Tony Eyre Challenge #2

Today's title is Behind a Mask

Remember, all you need to do is get on our Facebook page and enter the name of the famous author who penned the above lesser-known title. We are discouraging the use of Google or the Internet and we are very trusting souls!

All the titles in this competition are available in the shop so feel free to come in and get a copy of any or all of the titles in our competition.

Tony Eyre Challenge - 3rd Oct 2018

Tony Eyre Challenge Why not compete in our current competition The Tony Eyre Challenge.
The competition is named in honour of the winner of almost all of our previous literary quizzes. We are hoping to stymie his winning streak (probably a forlorn hope) by concentrating on world literature rather than New Zealand.

Starting this week and continuing next, daily Wed to Sat, we are featuring little-known titles by very famous authors. All the books are available in the shop if you fancy reading them. First to name the correct author gets a point. The winner is the person with most points at end of week two. NO GOOGLING ALLOWED.

Today's title: The Life and Death of Mr Badman.

All you have to do is log in to our Facebook page and enter the correct name of the author. 
(and by the way, do you recognise the person in this photo?)

Comics - 21st Sep 2018

We have just had a load of new comics arrive and they are now in the shop. Come in and have a browse.

Graphic Novels - 14th Sep 2018

Graphic Novels We have just put out loads more graphic novels in our Dunedin shop. Come in and have a look!

Part-timer for Dunedin wanted - 5th Sep 2018

Part-timer for Dunedin wanted We are looking for a part-time worker for our lovely bookshop in Dunedin. You must be able to work Saturdays and other days are negotiaable. You must be able to carry heavy boxes up stairs so you will need to be reasonably fit. 

A major part of the job is data entry so you must have good keyboard skills and fast, accurate typing. Excellent spelling is required too. You need to be good with customers and able to balance the till.

A love of books is essential and it will help you enjoy the job. Pop in to the shop and have a chat about the job when you pick up an application form.

Astronomy - 24th Aug 2018

Astronomy New Zealand is rightly famous for its night skies and the great opportunities for star gazing. And whether you are a total beginner with a budding interest in the stars or a keen amateur or a dedicated astronomer, you can always benefit from a good book to help with what to look for.

Why not get a copy of this book:
Stars of the Southern Skies: An Observer's Guide for New Zealand
by Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore describes and plots the stars in the four seasons (because there are differences apparently). He also examines the history of astronomy and looks into such things as cosmic debris, telescopes, and even the chance of life somewhere else in the universe. 

Get a copy now and join all the others gazing in wonder at our lovely night skies.

Spring - 23rd Aug 2018

It seems to have come round rather quickly and now it's only a week or so until spring arrives. And with the arrival of spring, our minds automatically turn to gardening. There is so much to consider, what with plants and flowers and bulbs and vegetables and fruit and hedges and trees and more.

Best to get yourself in the mood by perusing a few of the myriad gardening books on offer. Why not pop into the shop and pick up a couple to get you ready for all the excitement (and hard work) to come. There's no better way to decide what to plant where or how to landscape than  by reading a book. And whether you want advice or inspiration or whether you're a seasoned expert or a complete first-timer, books will provide the information you need.

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