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Rajneesh/OSHO box set - 4th Jun 2021

The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha (12 volume boxed set)

HEAVY, 12x VOLUME BOXED SET, octavo white cloth boards, gilt lettering to front, illus. endpapers, in d/w's, VG+ to near FINE (occasionaly very light tanning to jackets or pages, v. minor) in box VG+ (light scuffing and very small tear to corner, otherwise very smart)


Marc Chagall's Bible illustrations - 28th May 2021

Very scarce title here, Chagall's striking series of Bible illustrations. British edition

John Pule - 27th May 2021

Hauga: The Art of John Pule, a scarce addition to the catalogue

Denis Glover, illustrated by Gary Tricker - 26th May 2021

New to website: limited editon "Arawata Bill" by Denis Glover with prints by Gary Tricker

A defense of "Work in Progress" AKA Finnegan's Wake, Joyce - 26th May 2021

Scarce Shakespeare & Co. publication - Samuel Beckett, William Carlos Williams & others in the corner for Joyce, who's excerpts from the mysterious "Work in Progress", the follow-up to ULYSSES that would become FINNEGANS WAKE, were not being very well recieved in the late 20's - and in the other corner, some negative critics also, one of which may or may not be Joyce himself writing under a pseudonym... 

Classic signed New Zealand literature - 22nd May 2021

Classic signed New Zealand literature Have a browse... we have plenty...

ESOTERIC TITLES - 21st May 2021

Many quality esoteric titles making their way onto the site...

Wiremu Hekepia - 21st May 2021

New additions to website, never have enough te reo books: Nga Waiata Aroha A Hekepia / Love Sonnets by Shakespeare

NB if you're wondering where all the macrons are, other websites we list with don't support them and pack a sad, killing the listings, regrettably - that's why you also see no accents, umlauts, cedillas etc.

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