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Dunedin shop is hiring - 24th May 2024

Dunedin shop is hiring

The Legendary HARD TO FIND (BUT WORTH THE EFFORT) QUALITY SECONDHAND BOOKSHOP is hiring up to TWO Full-time workers.

Hours are 9.00am to 5.30pm daily

Love books? Enjoy lifting heavy things? Money much less important than job satisfaction? Always wanted to work with attractive intelligent interesting people? Then this sounds like the job for you!

The successful applicant will be:

  • Honest and reliable with good teeth and a sense of humour
  • Intelligent, cheerful, organized, efficient, capable, broadly well read, clearly spoken, flexible, know how to use spel and alphabetize and be quick and capable with a keyboard (one essential job is efficient correct data entry)
  • Friendly, charming, confident (but not arrogant), responsible and able to hold an interesting conversation without saying anything too embarrassing
  • Healthy with a good level of fitness and strength - bookcases and boxes of books are heavy and our shop has lots of stairs. It is often a very active occupation

The job can be very physically demanding and obsessive so
is possibly not suitable for anyone with a real life or sporting

Applicants MUST call to the shop to fill out an invasive application (you choose what or if you answer), and you are requested to bring and attach a recent photo of yourself.

Applications close 5.30pm Thursday 30 May 2024. Online applications will not be accepted. Any interviews are by invitation and all should be completed by close of business on or before Wednesday 5 June

A chat with Tim Miller on RNZ Nights about the job (Thursday 23 May 2024 9.15, "An eye-catching recruitment strategy")

Recent chat with Jesse Mulligan on RNZ - 16th May 2024

Recent chat with Jesse Mulligan on RNZ A good chat between Warwick & Jess Mulligan of RNZ — famous book collection yarns and a peek behind the scenes :)


Dungeons & Dragons - 11th Apr 2024

A goodly amount of time always passes between us getting any of these, so act accordingly :P

FIRST UK EDITION "Gravity's Rainbow" - 6th Apr 2024

From our Dunedin store

JUST ARRIVED INSTORE IN AUCKLAND... Philip K Dick, Kurt Vonnegut, Herman Hesse and more... - 29th Mar 2024

JUST ARRIVED INSTORE IN AUCKLAND... Philip K Dick, Kurt Vonnegut, Herman Hesse and more...

Cormac McCarthy first edition! - 25th Mar 2024

New addition to the website — will be a long time before we see another copy, this is the first UK edition (more colourful jacket) of Cormac McCarthy's first book "The Orchard Keeper". Ex-library, which does detract, but a very scarce title nonetheless

MANGA TSUNAMI !!! Just arrived instore in Auckland - 18th Feb 2024

Good range of Manga just arrived with many runs of titles all in very clean fresh condition and instore at our Auckland shop now. Enjoy!!


New addition to our website: the very first English translation of CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, by Vizetelly & Co. 1886 — price comensurate with condition and rarity!

Last recorded sale in March 2017 for NZ$25,900: here's a Guardian article about finding it in a box for £14!

The Vizetelly's are quite interesting in and of themselves: Vizetelly elder also oversaw the first English translation of Flaubert's Madame Bovary, and was fined for the obscenity of publishing Zola in English in 1888 and then again in 1889 — for which he was imprisioned for 3 months and bankrupt by 1890!


Clearly a good eye for literature — just like yourself, if you find yourself browsing our Hard to Find Books' website :P

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