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Military & Aviation Books - 25th Oct 2018

Just arrived in our Dunedin shop (with still more to come!) - heaps of military history and aviation books. If you aren't in Dunedin there will be plenty being added to our online catalogue over the next couple of weeks as well.

Answer to the Tony Eyre Challenge - 13th Oct 2018

Answer to the Tony Eyre Challenge The competition is now over. Here are the names of the famous authors who penned the less-than-famous titles we listed over the last two weeks.

The Life and Death of Mr Badman - John Bunyan
Behind a Mask - Louisa M Alcott
The Single Hound - Emily DIckinson
Arctic Summer - EM Forster
November - Gustave Flaubert
The Return - Joseph Conrad
One Thousand & One Ghosts - Alexandre Dumas

We have copies of all those books so why not come in and buy a copy of one (or all) of them?

Tony Eyre Challenge #7 - 12th Oct 2018

Tony Eyre Challenge #7 Tony Eyre Challenge #7· 

This is the last chance to star in the Tony Eyre Challenge. The list of book titles and their famous authors will be given tomorrow.
Meanwhile, you can log on to our Facebook page and enter the name of the very famous author who wrote today's not so famous title. You might win if you're quick (as this competition has been a bit more challenging than we expected).

Today's title: One Thousand and One Ghosts
Who is the famous author?

Tony Eyre Challenge #6 - 11th Oct 2018

Tony Eyre Challenge #6 Tony Eyre Challenge #6
Continuing our current competition - we give you a not-very-famous book title written by a very famous author. You try to identify the famous author WITHOUT RECOURSE to the Internet.

When you think you know the author, log in to our Facebook page and enter your answer. You get a point if you are first with the correct author. We still don't have a correct answer for yesterday's challenge either so you could try and answer both at once.

Today's title is The Return

Be first and get a point (and some kudos).

Tony Eyre Challenge #5 - 10th Oct 2018

Tony Eyre Challenge #5 The Tony Eyre Challenge #5
Those of you following this challenge will know that we are lookiung for the name of the famous author who wrote the book with a slightly less famous title. None of the authors are New Zealanders.

Today's title is November. All you have to do is log on to our Facebook page and give us the author's name - if you are first to give the correct answer, you will get a point! And points could mean prizes!!!

You can also try and identify two titles from last week which still haven't been correctly identified. The two titles are Arctic Summer and The Single Hound.

Tony Eyre Challenge #4 - 6th Oct 2018

Tony Eyre Challenge #4 So far there is no correct answer to yesterday's Tony Eyre Challenge (No. 3)

That means this is your chance to enter answers for the author of yesterday's titleThe Single Hound along with an answer for today's:

Tony Eyre Challenge 4
Who is the famous author of this not-so-well known title:
Arctic Summer
Just log on to our Facebook page and enter the name of the author. If you are first to be correct, you get a point - and points mean prizes!!!  NO INTERNET USE ALLOWED

TOny Eyre Challenge 3 - 5th Oct 2018

TOny Eyre Challenge 3 We have a correct identification of the author of yesterday's little-known title. And again, it was Harlyn Tran who was first in withe the correct name. 

The title for today's Tony Eyre Challenge is The Single Hound

To enter, just go to our Facebook page and be the first to name the famous author of the above title. Remember that Internet and/or Google use is frowned upon (not quite cheating - but near enough). Just don't!!!

Tony Eyre Challenge 2 - 4th Oct 2018

Tony Eyre Challenge 2 Yesterday's lesser-known title has been correctly identified by Harlyn Tran. If you knew the answer, you obviously weren't quick enough. Get in first this time in our Tony Eyre Challenge #2

Today's title is Behind a Mask

Remember, all you need to do is get on our Facebook page and enter the name of the famous author who penned the above lesser-known title. We are discouraging the use of Google or the Internet and we are very trusting souls!

All the titles in this competition are available in the shop so feel free to come in and get a copy of any or all of the titles in our competition.

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