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Welcome to mid-summer in Dunedin - 4th Jan 2017

It's January 4th and it's been summer here for well over a month!

Just to give you an idea of what it's like in Dunedin today, we have howling gale force southerly winds gusting up to 120 kph, heavy downpours of rain, a hail storm or two, a flurry of snow, looming black storm clouds, and snow actually falling down to 800metres. And we like Dunedin!

Of course, our normal summer weather is gorgeous with clear blue skies, blazing sunshine, light breezes, not a cloud to be seen, and lovely warm balmy days. That describes Dunedin perfectly so don't be put off by today's weather report. Go on, stick to your plans and move down here to join us in this (normally) tropical paradise that we call Dunedin.


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