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Overreating? Overindulging? Giving in to temptation? - 22nd Dec 2016

Overreating? Overindulging? Giving in to temptation? If you answered yes to any of the above questions (and who doesn't at this time of year?) then we have the book that will bring you back from the brink.

Weight Loss for Food Lovers:
Understanding our Minds and Why We Sabotage our Weight Loss

by Dr George Blair-West

If you have tried to lose weight and failed, read this book before you try again. It will not only save you money (only $10.00 for a brand new copy) but it will probably save your sanity as well.

This is not a diet book. It doesn't offer menus or calorie charts or exercise regimes. It won't offer quick weight loss followed by immediate weight gain (plus some). It won't even tell you what NOT to eat. That is what this book doesn't do.

What Dr Blair-West does is explain why most diets fail people (rather than the other way round). And you may not be surprised to read that he states the main reasons for failing are a genuine love of food, a rebellion against excessive deprivation, and the fact that there are actually benefits to being overweight. In other words, sometimes dieters actually sabotage their own weight loss plans.

This is a novel approach. Buy yourself a copy so you can get started straight after the festive season excesses are over and done with. 

Jackie Gleason: The second week of a diet is always easier than the first: by the second week, you're off it.

A Must for the Races - 21st Dec 2016

A Must for the Races Going to the races at New Year? This is the book you need before you go:-

Watching Racehorses: A Guide to Betting on Behaviour by Geoffrey Hutson

This is a book for all racegoers.  Wether you are a regular punter, an owner, a trainer, a horselover or a once-a-year wild-day-out-at-the-races partygoer, you need a copy of this book.

It describes how to pick winners based on observations in the mounting yard. Geoffrey Hutson started out with dismal failure (he only picked losers) and from that experience and thousands and thousands of hours of observation, he developed and perfected methods for picking winners. His analysis concentrates on the behaviour patterns of horses and how the behaviour influences performance.

Once you've read this book and its guide to betting,going to the races will never be the same again. Pop into the shop and get a copy so that your next visit to Wingatui produces fistfuls of winnings. At only NZ$10.00 per copy for a brand new book, you really can't go wrong. Bet on a sure thing!

The Book of Wooden Boats - 20th Dec 2016

Irresistable - beautiful wooden boats
Photography by Benjamin Mendlowitz & text by Maynard Bray
The Book of Wooden Boats in two volumes

These two beautiful books combine some marine history with marine photography which is an irresistable combination for anyone who likes beautiful old wooden boats - and who doesn't?

This is a celebration of traditional wooden boats, including sailboats, powerboats, working boats, open boats and yachts - and all built in wood (of course).

I think you will enjoy many a happy hour looking through this book whether you are a sailor, a boatbuilder, a boat renovator, a professional or just an interested landlubber. As one of the latter, I can honestly say that I could dream a weekend away just looking at these photographs. Get yourself a copy or buy one for any keen sailor you know. They are a must.

Double dose of excitement & gift-giving solved in one - 16th Dec 2016

The Julian Lenon Collection of BEATLES MEMORABILIA (and new music room to visit)

Julian Lennon is the owner of a unique collection of memorabilia, including guitars, clothing, letters, postcards, photographs, gold discs and much more.  In this book he explains the sentimental value of many of these articles and shares the memories that they carry for him. Here is his complete collection beautifully presented and fascinatingly discussed.  

The book is brand new and priced very reasonably (under $20.00 per copy). With the festive season approaching very fast, it would make a great Christmas present for any Beatles' fan. You can't buy a brand new copy anywhere else so why not come on into the shop and have an enjoyable browse in our lovely new music room (definitely a work in progress) and then depart clutching a couple of copies of the Julian Lennon book. You can't go wrong.

If you're one of the unlucky ones who don't live in Dunedin, you can still order a copy of the book from our online stock.

Music room open!!!!! - 9th Dec 2016

New music room is open at last - but it's still a work in progress and will be improving with every day that passes.

We have sections of books on rock & pop, blues, jazz & soul, country, classical & opera. There is a large collection of vinyl to browse through. We also have a large array of CDs that you can peruse. And........

....the biggest news for musician is that we have just started displaying our sheet music collection. It is definitely a work in progress at the moment but at least we have made a start.

Come on into the shop and have a look. There is even a nice comfy rimu rocking chair to rest in and a corner with a guitar.

The Ghost Railways of New Zealand - 8th Dec 2016

Exploring New Zealand's Ghost Railways
by David Leitch and Brian Scott

Anyone travelling around New Zealand will benefit from a copy of this book. Whether you are a railway enthusiast, a historian, a tramper, a weekend walker or a tourist, get a copy of this and put it in your car or your backpack or your panniers.

The book sets out a detailed history of each ghost line and covers its construction, its use, its operation & decline, and what is left that you can see now. The authors provide a very clear guide so that you can easily find the line and explore what remains. They also helpfully include a rough estimate of how long the walk will take and their opinion of how worthwhile the visit will be. 

David Leitch and Brian Scott's book will inspire you to get out and about in the fresh air and explore the bygone world of New Zealand's railways, stations, tunnels and bridges.  You'll have a great time while learning a lot about New Zealand's past.

Come in and get a copy before you go on holiday.

Travel writing - 7th Dec 2016

Travel writing has always been a very popular genre. For some people it is vicarious pleasure, for others a chance to learn about somewhere they are planning to visit, and for many it is to do with reading about places they will never go. Occasionally customers have told us they read the travel books to discover what countries or areas to cross off their lists forever!

Whatever your reasons for enjoying travel writing, the personal observations interwoven with insights into local culture and history can provide humorous, heart-rending, enthusiastic and sometimes grim and harrowing reading.

If you haven't yet made any forays into the travel writing genre, why not pop into the shop and peruse the shelves or browse on our website.

We have a huge selection of travel writing from authors such as Paul Theroux, Bill Bryson, Dervla Murphy, Eric Newby, Jan Morris, Lawrence Durrell, Michael Palin, Bruce Chatwin, Peter Mayle and many, many more.

Maybe you are hoping to become a travel writer yourself? We can help with books on how to become a travel writer and tips on how to get started.

Trains, trains, glorious trains - 5th Dec 2016

Trains, trains, glorious trains We have a wide array of books about steam engines, trains, stations, railways and related transport history. In fact, we bought yet another train enthusiast's complete collection yesterday to add to the many we already have. If you haven't yet been in to peruse our stock, now is a good time to pop in. If you are a regular already, then it's worth another visit to check out the new additions. Here is just one which arrived yesterday:

Fire & Steam: A New History of the Railways in Britain
by Christian Wolmar

This book is a wide-ranging history of the rail network from the rise of the steam train to electrification, including the contribution of railways to World War One and World War Two. Wolmar covers the social and economic importance of rail and how it has contributed to the Britain of today. He talks interestingly of the rail network's role in such varied fields as industrialisation, fish & chips, professional football, daytrippers, investment and more.  

Come and have a look or browse through our online catalogue.


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