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Te Reo Maori - 24th Aug 2016

Learn the basics, widen your vocabulary, hone your existing skills, improve your fluency, reach an advanced level or teach the class, whatever it is you want to do, books can help you achieve that goal.

We have a selection of useful books including bilingual and monolingual dictionaries, vocabulary expansion exercises, songs, basic & advanced grammars, textbooks, beginner and more advanced readers, parallel texts, and novels in Maori for the very fluent or bilingual amongst us.  We even have a copy of the Bible in Maori.

Whether you are starting out, studying alone, attending classes, or giving speeches, you will probably find that a book is the most important learning aid you can have.  Not only will it last forever if treated well but it will continue to be a useful resource and reference far beyond the end of your course,

Get on line or come into the shop and have a look at what is available that you might need.


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