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A History of the Rod - 16th Aug 2016

A History of the Rod from the Earliest Period to the Present Time.

When we saw this beautiful book we thought we'd send out a news item calling all keen fishermen.  It seemed the perfect gift for the fanatic angler (don't most families have one?) or a great buy for any enthusiastic fly fisherman.  

Unfortunately not.  All you keen fishermen will have to get on our website and check out our HUGE selection of books on all types of fishing or come into the shop and browse the dedicated fishing section because this book is not what it appears to be.

This book won't interest you unless you also have an interest in flagellation & the flagellants - a bit of a hidden subtitle that we hadn't noticed.  

But if you don't already know, you can learn about whipping, flogging, scourging and hundreds of uses of the rod: discipline in the monasteries, penal flagellation, celestial castigation, military flogging, whipping of thieves, and MORE.  You can see beautiful illustrations of lots of different types of whips or rods and their many and varied uses, including birch in the boudoir.  Not quite your average fisherman's book but something different.

A Child's Guide to Crime - 15th Aug 2016

A Child's Guide to Crime A Child's Guide to Crime: Get them started as young as possible; it's never too early to begin!

Just kidding.  How could anyone resist that title?

This is really subtitled A Child's Guide to Crime: New Perspectives on Criminology.  Written by New Zealander Allan Nixon, it's an interesting read due, perhaps, to his undoubtedly unique background as a former convicted prisoner, a psychologist and a criminal lawyer.  

He approaches the subject in a down-to-earth, matter-of-fact way that is thought-provoking and clear for the layman. For example, his explanation of the absurdity of defining a criminal as one convicted of breaking the law rather than as one who breaks the law is illuminating (in other words, almost every one of us breaks the law somehow but unless we are convicted we don't count as criminals; that is often the only difference between us).   

Given that this book was written in 1974, well before new research showing that young people's brains do not fully mature until their mid-twenties, it is remarkably accurate in its discussion of youth offending.  

This is a very well written book and is accessible to the non-lawyer and lawyer alike.  Give some of your prejudices a challenge and read it.

Latin Crosswords - 14th Aug 2016

Latin Crosswords by Peter Jones Crossword question: Existing condition of a very old pop group? (6,3)

Do you feel like you could do a regular crossword in your sleep? Sigh at the cryptic clues with boredom? Wish you had a use for all those Latin classes you worked so hard at?

We have a new puzzle book for those who want a bit of a challenge - Latin crosswords by Peter Jones. Whether you know a lot or a little, this book has crosswords of varying difficulties with something to suit every level. 

The questions are all in English so even someone with no knowledge of Latin can have a go at some of the easier ones. Did you figure out the one at the top of the page? The answer is Status Quo.

Olympic Legends - 12th Aug 2016

The Book of New Zealand's Olympic Medallists - Topical but of enduring value

This book contains original signatures of 97 New Zealand Olympic medallists from Helsinki 1952 to Athens 2004.  Every medal winner who was alive in 2005 has signed (with the exception of two medallists who declined to participate - can you guess who they were?).

It's packed full of fascinating information about all our medal winners including such greats as Yvette Williams, Peter Snell, John Walker, Murray Halberg, Russell Coutts, Mark Todd, David Tua and many many more household names.  The illustrations are superb and tell their own story through the many photographs.

Did you know our first medal was in 1908 at the London Olympics where Harry Kerr won a bronze in the 3500m walk or that Rob Waddell spent a year in Japan where he learnt Japanese and got a black belt in judo or that Yvette Williams had to sew her own shorts to compete in?  Read this book and you will know all this and a great deal more.

This is "a truly awesome book" said Hamish Carter, gold medalist in the 2004 triathlon. 

Great Religions of the World - 11th Aug 2016

There is understandable interest these days in learning more about the great religions of the world.

The six volumes in this series present the major religions of the modern world and explain their meaning, their traditions, and their contemporary significance.

Each volume contains a selection of the most important writings of the religious tradition.  These writings are accompanied by the editor's comments and interpretations elucidating meaning, beliefs and practices.  

Read about the teachings of Buddha and the basic philosophy of Buddhism.  Explore the world and many facets of Islam and the way of life of the Muslim.  Learn of the historical evolution of Hinduism and its roots in the Vedic tradition.  Study the meaning of Judaism and the Jewish spirit.  Clarify for yourself the different Christianity found in Catholicism and Protestantism and how it came about.

Each volume is written by an expert in the field and is informative, educational and highly readable.  

Breaking news: To live longer, just pick up a book (Yippee) - 10th Aug 2016

Breaking news: To live longer, just pick up a book (Yippee) New research from Yale University

A new survey just released by Yale University states that the more time you spend reading books, the less likely you are to die.  30 minutes a day of reading books leads to a 23% lower risk of death (compared to those who don't read).  They report that certain cognitive processes are engendered by reading books which lead to greater survival.

Whether you believe the survey results or not, reading books is definitely therapeutic.  It is relaxing, enjoyable, good for your mood, good for your mind and good for your general health.

This is great news so rush on in to your nearest Hard to Find Bookshop and pick up a few books and get started.  If you are not lucky enough to be near one of our shops, then order something from our online stock and start your journey to eternal life right now before it is too late!

Attention all budding writers - 9th Aug 2016

Begin at the beginning, go through to the end, then stop. (Lewis Carroll)

You want to write a novel but think you might need a bit more help than given above by Lewis Carroll.  You have an idea for writing about your life.  Perhaps the idea of a romance is germinating in your brain.  Maybe a bestseller or a potboiler is what you have in mind. You would like to write about travel. Whatever it is you plan to write, we have a marvellous selection of books to help you get started.

You can read about getting from the germ of an idea to the finished product.  You can learn about developing plot and characters.  Find out how to edit and proofread.  Get some practical advice on getting your project published.  Look for some hints on what to do when writer's block strikes.  

Get some clearcut examples of what works and what doesn't.  Try out some ideas on choosing a title.  Have a go at some of the invaluable exercises recommended in these books.  Who knows - with a little inspiration, insider insight, and your own creativity, you may be the next big thing.  

The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy - 8th Aug 2016

The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams: his trilogy in five parts

The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy / The Restaurant at the End of the Universe / Life, the Universe and Everything / So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish / Mostly Harmless

This hardcover edition includes all five parts of the Douglas Adams classic comedy science fiction 'trilogy', which is perfect whether you are a die-hard fan or whether you are reading it for the first time.  You will undoubtedly want to read all the books so you might as well have them in one volume.   You can immerse yourself in tales of Arthur Dent, Ford Prefect, Trillian, Marvin the Paranoid Android, and Zaphod Beeblebrox.

This was originally a BBC comedy radio series so once you've read this book, you can treat yourself to a date with the original broadcasts.  You could aim to become a Hitch Hiker's Guide bore!   

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