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Puzzles and brainteasers - 13th Dec 2017

Arrange six matches so that each match touches all the others.

A man went to a river to get 4 litres of water. He had only two containers, one 5-litre tin and one 3-litre tin. Neither of the tins was marked for smaller measures. How did he get exactly 4 litres?

A and B ran 100 metres. A won by 10 metres. B then raced 100 metres against C, and B won by 10 metres. If A and C race 100 metres, by how many metres would A win??

Whether it's sudoku, word play, crosswords, riddles, brain teasers, mathematical puzzles, geometrical tricks, logic tests, or any other variation on mental recreations or diversions, you need a book or two for the holidays. Avoid turning into a complete beach blob by giving your brain a little exercise. You can also torture friends and family with them once you know the answers. Come in and get a book or two for fun.


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