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Hello Christopher Robin - 29th Nov 2017

We are probably all aware that a new film about the life of AA Milne has just been released. It's called Goodbye Christopher Robin and is a biography of the man who created Winnie-the-Pooh, Rabbit, Owl, Eeyore, Piglet and Roo.
After you've seen the film or before you go and see it, why not get copies of AA Milne's books, all beautifully illustrated by EH Shepard.
When We Were Very Young
Now We Are Six
Winnie the Pooh
The House at Pooh Corner
Return to the Hundred Acre Wood (and more)
You can't go wrong with these classic children's books. Whether they are for your own collection, for your children, or as a present, no-one could fail to be thrilled with some of the gorgeous editions available. Come on in and have a look at what is available. We have something for everyone's budget.

University of Hard Knocks - 24th Nov 2017

University of Hard Knocks The University of Hard Knocks: The School that Completes our Education
by Ralph Parlette

"The greatest school is the University of Hard Knocks. Its books are bumps. Every bump is a lesson. If we learn the lesson with one bump, we do not get that bump again. We don't need it. We have travelled past it. We move to the next bump..... Some of us learn to go forward with a few bumps, but most of us ... do not learn the lesson....and the bump must come back and bump us again.... most of us have to be pulverised."

Teaching a wilful child or being happy in your work, it's all dealt with in this book. It may have been written over a hundred years ago but the two colleges of the University of Hard Knocks are just as relevant now as they were then: The College of Needless Knocks and The College of Needful Knocks.

"It is so hard to tell young people anything. They know better." Any book with that in it must be worth reading.

Jane Austen - 22nd Nov 2017

Jane Austen Pride and Promiscuity: The Lost Sex Scenes of Jane Austen
by Arielle Eckstut

Hidden by Jane Austen's younger sister, the material which makes up this book throws an entirely new light on all of Austen's work, making explicit the latent and repressed sexuality that underlies much of her fiction. The discovery also forces new assessments of Austen herself. Along with the sex scenes were found letters to her editor and her sister arguing and anguishing over the extensive cuts shewas asked to make for her novels to be seen as decent and acceptable to the public.

Published for the first time, these missing pages are sure to astonish and delight all Austen devotees.

Gobbledygook - 21st Nov 2017

Test your level of correct English usage by providing words for the expressions in quotes.

In the Otago Daily Times this morning, Paul Gorman's column What's With That? was "addressing" the vexed "issue" of changes in language, specifically the use of gobbledygook and codswallop (his words). I think of it as the specific misuse or deliberate overuse of words in an attempt to sound intelligent. He had several examples in his column such as "learnings", "going forward" and "at the end of the day", all of which make one want to scream. 

I'm adding a couple more which are painfully overused these days: "event" and "experience". Have you noticed that heart attacks and strokes have all but disappeared and been replaced by the ubiquitous and thoroughly infuriating "medical event". Likewise, we no longer have rain or hailstorms, we suffer "weather events".

Continuing my curmudgeonly tirade, nobody goes out for dinner any more - they now have a "dining experience" and one no longer drives a car but has a "driving experience". The same is true for "the shopping experience". And don't get me started on "at this point in time" and many hundreds more. Aaaaaarrrrrggghh.

The Book of VIrtues - 20th Nov 2017

The Book of VIrtues Stop reading now if you don't think these traits are important: responsiblity, courage, compassion, loyalty, honesty, friendship, self-discipline, and perseverence. However, most of us hope that our children will develop all these qualities. For that to happen, they need examples of good and bad, right and wrong, cowardice and bravery and so on.

A good place to find them is in great works of literature. William J Bennett in The Book of Virtues: A Treasury of Great Moral Sories has collected hundreds of stories into an anthology which offers a rich vein of moral stories dealing with the above character traits; nice clear examples of the ideals by which we wish to live.

The stories come from sources as wide as Aesop's fables, Greek mythology, Aristotelian philosophy, fiction, the Bible and many more. A huge resource for parents and children alike.

Tiny Houses - 17th Nov 2017

You may have read an article in the Otago Daily Times this week about a new series of television programmes featuring British architect George Clarke. He is already well known to many through his various building programmes which have been broadcast on TVNZ over recent years. His new series is set in New Zealand and wants to inspire Kiwis to design and build their own tiny houses.

He has a few tips for making the most of small spaces: storage is crucial; planning carefully is vital; letting in as much light as possible is a must; and think of building up rather than out .

To get in the mood before the programme starts, why not get a copy of Lloyd Kahn's
Tiny Homes, Simple Shelter
It is a real feast for your eyes and it will fire your imagination and feed your dreams. You'll be more than ready for George Clarke.

New Zealand Poetry - 16th Nov 2017

New Zealand Poetry If happiness is a goat with a violin
or any such other
improbable thing,
sadness is always and only 
a man with a guitar, 
his fingers touching its neck,
slowly brushing its strings.

Whose collection of poetry does the above poem come from?
Peter Olds: Under the Dundas Street Bridge
Hugh Lauder: Over the White Wall
Elizabeth Nannestad: If He's a Good Dog He'll Swim
Anna Livesey: Good Luck
Bill Manhire: Milky Way Bar

Not sure? Then pop in and have a look at all or any of the above books and the many more in our New Zealand poetry section (or browse in the online catalogue).

Travel - 15th Nov 2017

Journey into Russia By Laurens van der Post; A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy
By Laurence Sterne; Apples in the Snow: A Journey to Samarkand by Geoffrey Moorhouse

What these volumes have in common is the word 'journey'. They all deal with genuine journeys: I mean when someone travels somewhere or goes on a voyage. The word makes one think of historical explorations or feats of physical bravery and endurance, treks, tours, expditions or even cruises. You get a sense of adventure and, essentially. travel.

What kind of journeys do people make these days? They seem to go on fitness journeys or learning (aaargggh) journeys or spiritual journeys or self-improvement journeys or weight-loss journeys. You even hear of journeys through the City Council Planning Department to get a building permit or journeys through the health system to get a consultant appointment.

Let's save the word 'journey' for movement between different physical locations that involves actual travel with some luggage (or even without). Try using a bit of the huge vocabulary offered by English and choosing a more appropriate word for the learning journey.

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