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Not learning Maori? - 25th Aug 2016

Yesterday we suggested a few books to help with the learning of Maori.  However, maybe you're not learning the language but nonetheless would like to know a bit more about other aspects of Maori culture or history or some other area you are specifically interested in.  We are sure to be able to help.

For example, a guide to the customs and protocols of the marae might come in handy if you are lucky enough to be going on a visit.  Maori agriculture and the cultivation of edible plants could be an interesting field to research.  Maori medicine and plant remedies is not only fascinating in itself but goes hand in hand with today's concern for protecting the natural environment and for trying cures equally efficacious but less harmful than some modern drugs. Maori clothing and textiles is yet another absorbing field and will lead you on to weaving and much more.

The traditions, superstitions, myths, legends and tales of the Maori is such a rich vein of study that any reader will be spoiled for choice.  Whether you know nothing at all, already know a little, or could be described as an expert, there will be a book to grab your interest and keep you reading and learning.

All the above and we haven't even mentioned Maori art and carving and related fields! That deserves an entry of its own another day.  Meanwhile, have a browse on line or in the shop and see what a huge choice you have.  

The (Maori) world is your oyster - as they didn't say!

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