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More children's books - 7th Oct 2016

The Girl Who Hated Books by Manjusha Pawagi, illustrated by Leanne Franson

This is a lovely story about a girl called Meena who hates reading and hates books.  She doesn't know her name means "fish" in ancient Sanskrit because she never looks anything up.  

One day she and her cat Max have an exciting but endearing adventure right in their own living room.  They accidentally knock over a huge pile of the hated books thus unleashing all the animals inside them.  There is a heartwarming happy ending to the tale.  

The lively full-page colour illustrations by Leanne Franson are a perfect accompaniment to the story and work well whether you're reading the story aloud or your kids are reading it to themselves.

Pop in and buy a copy for only $4.00 and while you're here, check out our great selection of children's literature and visit the dedicated children's area in the shop.  

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