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Children's Books - 9th Jun 2016

We have a huge selection of children's books in the shop and on line.  Many of your old favourites could turn out to be favourites for your children too.  

Remember Noddy, Biggles, Famous Five, Secret Seven, Rupert Bear, Tintin, Asterix, Nancy Drew, Heidi, Harry Potter?  The list goes on and on and the chances are we've got a copy.

Remember Arthur Ransome, Enid Blyton, LM Montgomery, AA Milne, Roald Dahl, Hans Christian Anderson, CS Lewis, Rudyard Kipling?  The list goes on and on and the chances are we've got copies of their books too.

In Pursuit of Plants by Philip Short - 8th Jun 2016

This would be a great gift for a botanist, plant lover, gardener, or in fact anyone with an interest in the plant collectors of the 19th & early 20th century.  A really good book to have by your bed or on a coffee table and dip in and out as the mood takes you.  

The book is a mixture of scientific exploration, travel, biographical details of the collectors, and some excerpts from each person's first-hand journals and letters.  There are some beautiful botanical illustrations and modern photographs as well.  

The book is in pristine condition,  as is the dust jacket, and at only NZ$14.00 you couldn't get a better deal.   You can order it now on our beautiful new website.

Game of Thrones first edition book just arrived - 16th May 2016

Game of Thrones first edition book just arrived Suprisingly scarce internationally, we have a first edition of the first book in the Game of Thrones series by George R R Martin (TV version now showing on Soho Channel in NZ). It is a beautiful fresh clean copy, bound to only improve in value as the series progresses. This British first edition precedes the American first edition, so is the TRUE first edition. Your chance to grab it now, as it evolves to the stature of J R R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings (and how weird is it that they both have the "R R" middle initials). Click here to take a closer look or to purchase.

P G Wodehouse first edition from 1905 - 16th May 2016

P G Wodehouse first edition from 1905 These are like hens teeth - a clean tidy first edition of P G Wodehouse classic " The Head of Kays" from 1905. Sadly missing the frontis illustration (but all the other plates are present) it is a VERY desirable copy and is unlikely to be with us long

New Website launches today - 13th May 2016

New Website launches today We last re-jigged our website back in 2010 as the previous one looked like an industrial library from cold-war East Germany... and now we are upgrading again. I got very frustrated with systems malfunctioning on our website and the inconvenience for us and our customers, and I have been longing for a more reliable, fresh site which can give our valued customers the service they deserve. I have a great deal of confidence in the Turboweb team who have constructed this new site, and they'll keep it flowing smoothly I'm sure. Whether you're buying Ion Idriess or Agatha Christie, Arthurt Upfield or Elsdon Best, I'm sure the new site will help you find new treasures.

Phantom Comics - 8th May 2016

Phantom Comics So who likes Phantom comics??? We have just put out one or two... hundred. Part of a massive comic collection I am processing featuring Marvel and DC issues (and others) back to the 1960s.

We've even got Action Comic #1 which was the first to feature superman - worth about US$1 million... but ours is the fiftieth anniversary reprint.... Bugger !!!!

You can see some of these comics in our Dunedin Store

Places e-readers can't go - 2nd May 2016

Places e-readers can't go here's an example of the resilience of books ahead of e-readers

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