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Keep calm and read this book - 8th Oct 2016

Endangered Pleasures by Barbara Holland Endangered Pleasures: In defence of Naps, Bacon, Martinis, Profanity, and Other Indulgences

Do you find yourself grimacing at the sound of your morning alarm yet hitting snooze because the idea of hearing it again is still slightly more bearable than actually getting out of bed? Scalding your throat with tasteless instant coffee while frantically typing away at your desk? Refusing that second glass of wine or piece of chocolate because it's 'not good for you'? 

Time to kick back, relax, and let Barbara Holland explain the joy of indulging in the forbidden and frowned upon - from finding delight in disaster to simply drinking, sleeping and eating too much. Bacon isn't usually considered a healthy option but sometimes mental health food is just as important! 

These quirky, whimsical and humorous essays are perfect to pair with a relaxing bath, afternoon coffee or late-night snack.

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