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Imaginary places - 27th Jan 2017

I'm not sure you can live without a copy of this classic reference work of imaginary places, enchanted worlds, lands of horror, and realms of delight. Le Figaro reviewed it as "The best possible guide to the geography of the imagination". 

Cast your mind back over your reading life and you will find that it is populated by an astonishing diversity of imaginary places: think Atlantis, Middle Earth, Moominland, the Snow Queen's Castle, El Dorado, Erewhon, Earthsea, Lilliput, Narnia, Cyclop's Island or Bluebeard's Castle.

This wonderful resource takes you on a tour of over 1200 imaginary cities, islands, countries & continents invented by writers from Homer's day to the present and illustrated with lovely maps and drawings. Whether you are an avid reader, a fantasy fan, or an inveterate browser, this is a must have: a tour de force of literary imagination.

The Dictionary of Imaginary Places
by Alberto Manguel and Gianni Guadalupi

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