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Te Reo Maori - 24th Aug 2016

Learn the basics, widen your vocabulary, hone your existing skills, improve your fluency, reach an advanced level or teach the class, whatever it is you want to do, books can help you achieve that goal.

We have a selection of useful books including bilingual and monolingual dictionaries, vocabulary expansion exercises, songs, basic & advanced grammars, textbooks, beginner and more advanced readers, parallel texts, and novels in Maori for the very fluent or bilingual amongst us.  We even have a copy of the Bible in Maori.

Whether you are starting out, studying alone, attending classes, or giving speeches, you will probably find that a book is the most important learning aid you can have.  Not only will it last forever if treated well but it will continue to be a useful resource and reference far beyond the end of your course,

Get on line or come into the shop and have a look at what is available that you might need.


What every good secondhand bookshop needs - 23rd Aug 2016

Question:  What do you need to go with a fabulous selection of books?
Answer: Somewhere to sit and read.

Have a look at this selection of places to sit in our shop - we've got something to suit every type of reader and every posterior.  Whether you want to sit or perch or lounge or just take the weight off your feet while you read or browse or peruse our books, there will be something that is right foryou.  From stools to sofas to chairs to armchairs to ladders and rocking chairs, here is where you will find them and here's where you'll find a good book to go with them.

Come on in and have a sit-fest!

Sir Edmund Hillary - 22nd Aug 2016

Remembering Ed - A Tribute to Sir Edmund Hillary
A new six-part documentary on Sir Edmund Hillary started last night on New Zealand television (TV1).  It promises to be a superb production about the life of a really special New Zealander.  

He is famous, of course, for climbing Mount Everest along with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay but that was only the start of the rest of what was to be a remarkable life, one which makes him a true New Zealand hero.  He has left a lasting legacy to New Zealand and to Nepal and has touched the hearts of many.

His work will live on long after him.  If you are watching the series and would also like to read more about the truly special Sir Ed, then have a look at the great selection of books we have, including signed copies and first editions.  

Advice to a Young Lady in the Colonies - 21st Aug 2016

Advice to a Young Lady in the Colonies This great little book is the transcript of a letter written to a young woman living in New South Wales in 1812. 

It contains menus, recipes, household hints and other advice, including when it is and isn't acceptable to serve certain meals, proper dining table etiquette, and how to keep the servants in line.

It gives a fascinating insight into home life and social expectations in the early 1800s. Most sounds dated now but there is some great advice as well, such as this snippet on how to serve a proper breakfast:

"Breakfasts of company are not usually given before 1 o’clock, and it is customary to put wine in small decanters on the table … so that the breakfast is turned into a tolerable dinner" 

Accompanying this is a sketch of how the breakfast table should be laid out - a lavish spread of meat and seafood, bread and butter, fruit and nuts, eggs, chocolate, and of course, wine!

Attention all science fiction fans - 19th Aug 2016

Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human by KW Jeter

This science fiction novel is inspired by the Ridley Scott 1982 film Blade Runner and by Philip K Dick's 1962 novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? on which the film was based.  This has been called "a worthy sequel to a brilliant novel" so if you are a sci fi fan and haven't read it yet, it might be worth a go.

Sadly the world will hear no more from Philip K Dick but, on the plus side, it will take you years to read everything he wrote.  He was a prolific writer and not just of science fiction.  

This particular edition is beautiful.  It's a signed first edition bound in full dark blue leather with gilt lettering & gilt decorative rule to the spine & boards,  The end pages are textured turquoise silk and all page edges are gilt. It has a turquoise 'bookmark ribbon' incorporated.  It would make a lovely present for the science fiction fan in your life.

From the sublime to the ridiculous - 18th Aug 2016

Yesterday was all about high quality Folio Society editions of superb books and today we plummet to the newest arrival at the Dunedin Hard to FInd Bookshop!

Some of you may wonder about this latest purchase of Warwick's - what is it and what's it for and why would you buy it and other logical questions.  There is no logic to it. 

For some of us here, it reminds us of the film 'Kinky Boots', a really great little film.  If you haven't seen it, you should certainly make the effort to watch it.  It's highly recommended. Once you've done that, pop into the shop and see why our new boot makes us think of the film.

You can see it was a bit of a drawcard for one of our customers at least.

The Folio Society Books - 17th Aug 2016

For gifts, for collectors, for discerning buyers, you can't go wrong with the beautifully produced Folio Society editions.

The Folio Society bills itself as 'the world's most extensive collection of beautifully illustrated books'.  It is certainly true that the array of titles is impressive, covering just about every subject imaginable: think ancient history, humour, children's literature, fiction, poetry, travel, biography, military, classics, and many more.

These lovely books combine exceptional typsetting and illustrations with quality paper and binding.  They often come presented in an attractive matching slipcase.  They are testament to skilled designers and master printers.

The Folio Society books are not only captivating to the eye but to the mind as well.  As PD James said, "‘Folio books are such joy ... to be cherished, handled with pleasure, read and reread and handed down to the next generation."

Come and have look through our huge selection and treat yourself to a book which will be a joy to read.

A History of the Rod - 16th Aug 2016

A History of the Rod from the Earliest Period to the Present Time.

When we saw this beautiful book we thought we'd send out a news item calling all keen fishermen.  It seemed the perfect gift for the fanatic angler (don't most families have one?) or a great buy for any enthusiastic fly fisherman.  

Unfortunately not.  All you keen fishermen will have to get on our website and check out our HUGE selection of books on all types of fishing or come into the shop and browse the dedicated fishing section because this book is not what it appears to be.

This book won't interest you unless you also have an interest in flagellation & the flagellants - a bit of a hidden subtitle that we hadn't noticed.  

But if you don't already know, you can learn about whipping, flogging, scourging and hundreds of uses of the rod: discipline in the monasteries, penal flagellation, celestial castigation, military flogging, whipping of thieves, and MORE.  You can see beautiful illustrations of lots of different types of whips or rods and their many and varied uses, including birch in the boudoir.  Not quite your average fisherman's book but something different.

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