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Holiday time for many - 12th Dec 2017

With summer holidays approaching for many, it is time to plan an outdoor project to keep you from getting bored with all that free time (who is that lucky?).

Have a look out into your garden and see if it would benefit from some paths or steps. Maybe a revamped patio or courtyard would bring a bit of new life. Some new outdoor furniture is always a winner at this time of year. Well placed fences and screens can entirely transform an area. You could make a bit of a feature out of pergolas or shelters. These days you probably need some decking and stairs to put your bbq on (along with that nice new outdoor furniture you've just built for yourself). And don't forget the pond or pool for the perfect finishing touch.

Whatever you are thinking of doing, a copy of Better Homes and Gardens The Complete Backyard Book will tell you exactly how to do it with easy step-by-step instructions. Come in and get yourself a copy (or better still buy it as a present for your wife/husband/partner and give them a few ideas). Make sure you pick up a book on the perfect bbq while you're here!

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