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Games, sports, and pastimes - 11th Oct 2016

Let's have a game of Scat.  I challenge you to a round of Club Snatch.  What about playing Whip Tag?   Why don't we try Throw at the Cock?  How about a go at Catch the Cane? An evening of parlour games would be fun.

You won't have heard the above refrains for many a decade (if ever) but you might remember skittles, tiddley-winks, Looby Loo, quoits, Old Maid and Crambo (or of course you might not).

These books on sports, games, and pastimes offer a fascinating insight into bygone times. You could study them for the history alone but they also offer the chance to revive some of the forgotten entertainments and hobbies of the past.  The range of outdoor and indoor amusements covered is astounding. It's hard to imagine there could be so many.  

The selection includes activities for the playground, the classroom, the gymnasium, the home, the sports field, and the general outdoors.  There is everything from professional sports to ball games, word games, tricks, dominoes, animal sports, exercises, jingles, songs, races, team competitions, mechanical and arithmetical puzzles, card games, marbles and much, much more.  You almost have to see them to believe.

Come and have a look at these lovely old volumes and lose yourself in another world or choose from the rest of our books on games, pastimes and hobbies. You can't fail to be enchanted.

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