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Colin McCahon / December 1951 to May 1952 - 13th Oct 2016

Check this out.  It's pretty amazing and you are unlikely to ever come across it again.

This is a rare facsimile reprint of the Hocken Library original.  As you can see from the accompanying photos, the original was dedicated to Charles Brasch by Colin McCahon in his own handwriting in 1959.  

The booklet contains 15 drawings by Colin McCahon accompanied by short pieces of handwritten text on separate pages telling the life of Jesus.

"This is a cold land. Light candles against the oncoming dark. The word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us. Give us Jesus. They crucified him (dividing his clothing amongst them). He is dead. And is risen again."

It is an imperial octavo booklet with manila card covers tied with thin strips of black ribbon. It is unpaginated but contains about 22 pages, 15 of which are charcoal drawings by McCahon done between 1951 and 1952.  It was originally published by the Hocken Library in 1976.  If you are looking for something very special and you have money to burn (NZ$4,500.00) then this might be the unique investment you are looking for.

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