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Cocktails - 12th Oct 2016

Mmmmmmm!  Caipirinha. Dry martini. Champagne Napoleon. Harvey Wallbanger. Lime Shooter. Cape Codder.

Those are just a few of the delicious, lipsmackingly good cocktails you can make with the help of a cocktail handbook: you could be tempted by a Mohican, or a gimlet, a daiquiri, a rusty nail, or a pisco sour.

Whether your spirit of choice is gin, rum, whisky, vodka, brandy, tequila or bourbon, you will find plenty of appealing cocktails to whip up and clear, simple instructions on how to make them.  All the basics are covered, such as useful equipment, measures, types of glasses, and the liqueurs and mixers you will need.

Whether you are going to host a sophisticated cocktail evening, invite a few friends over for a bbq, or have a relaxing gathering with friends, you will find the way to be creative and imaginative with the recipes in these books.  And if you've got kids, there are loads of non-alcoholic beverages to concoct as well. 

Come and have a browse through our selction.  


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