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Agricultural theme continued - 8th Dec 2017

Carrying on from yesterday's agriculture and farming, we now move on to fruit growing. If you are planning your own orchard, planting a few olive groves or just want a bit of advice on pruning fruit trees, the best place to start is with a book (which is where we can help).

Where we can't help is with any reasonable explanation of why retailers are selling individual pieces of fruit with a shiny indestructible plastic label on every single item. Possibly they think the sales staff are too stupid to be able to spot the difference between a banana and a kiwifruit. If so, that is clearly very insulting to the staff and they should rise up! 

It is highly unlikely that that is why they're doing it. Therefore, I think you should all join me in my campaign to peel off every single offending label and return it to the shop. They have the power to refuse to buy from any supplier who unnecessarily defaces the fruit with indestructible and environmentally polluting bits of sticky plastic. They could stop this stupid habit almost immediately.  

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