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superstition - 30th Jan 2018

Take a trip into the customs, sayings, beliefs and superstitions in everyday use from ancient times right up to the present day:
What's So Lucky about a Four-Leaf Clover? and 8414 Other Strange and Fascinating Superstitions from all over the World
By Claudia de Lys

There are legends about birds, bees, snakes, body parts, marriage, pregnancy, food, dreams, disease, numbers and much more. You name it, it's there. This book deals with the origins of superstitions presaging bad luck or misfortune still believed by many people today. It also covers those which bring good luck but there aren't so many of those.

Do you believe hair can turn white overnight from shock or that you should carry a St Christopher token whenever you travel or that what you eat influences your dreams? Get a copy of the book and find out why you believe what you do and whether there is any basis for it or not. It's an interesting resource of folklore and symbolic lore to dip into.

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