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classics - 22nd May 2017

classics Did you study Greek or Latin at school? Have your language skills got a bit rusty? Would you like a gentle re-entry to the classics?

A Loeb Classical Library Reader
published by Harvard University Press 

This lovely little book contains a collection of Greek & Latin texts from 33 of the major classical authors. The format offers parallel texts so you have the Greek or Latin on the left-hand page and the English translation on the right. It is the ideal way to brush up your skills and jog your schoolboy/girl memory. Even if you didn't do Greek or Latin at school, it is still a nice introduction to Greco-Roman culture.

The compact volume includes poetry, philosophy, history, satire and fiction. It gives a glimpse of the arts, science and thought of antiquity. The selection spans 12 centuries and includes treasures such as Odysseus, Zeus, Socrates, Cicero, Livy, Pliny, and Homer.

Grab a copy to pop in your bag so you can relish classical poetry and comedy and enjoy the lives of the real and imaginary people who populate ancient history.

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