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Have you seen these Art (Heist Books?) - 21st Apr 2021

Have you been watching 'This is a Robbery' on Netflix?
We certainly have! (in between our mountainous TBR piles of course!)
So know that you know all about the Isabella Stewart Gardner heist, maybe its time to learn about some others?
Here are just some of the books we have on art theft, as well as an imgae of Rembrandt's 'The Storm on the Sea of Galilee'. If you have seen this painting somewhere - hanging in your mobster uncles bathroom perhaps? - then do let us know, there is a very large reward that we would be happy to split with you!

'The Storm on the Sea of Galilee' by Rembrandt

'The Irish Game: A True History of Crime and Art' by Matthew Hart. This is about the heist at Ireland's Russborough House in 1986 where a Gainsborough, a Goya, two Rubenses, and a Vermeer were stolen.

'Art Theives, Fakers & Frudsters. The New Zealand Story' by Penelope Jackson. A general history of art crimes right here in New Zealand!

'The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History' by Robert Edsel. About members of the Allied Forces in WWII who were thwarting Hitler's plans to collect or destroy items of significant value and culture. Yes, the made a movie about it.

'Hermann Goring and the Nazi Art Collection: The Looting of Europe's Art Treasures and Their Dispersal After World War II' by Kenneth D. Alford. The Monument Men couldn't stop ALL the Nazi's attempts at stealing art.
These are the ones who slipped through the cracks.

All of these books are available here on our  in our Dunedin Store.
We also have a huge art collection, so if you wanted to learn about the artists, you can do that too!

This Just In: Chez Madame Arthur Souvenir Programmes! - 16th Mar 2021

Take a look at these gorgeous old souvenir programmes from the Cabaret bar Madame Arthur's!
Chez Madame Arthur's has a 148 year legacy of providing entertainment to Parisian artisans - Some famous visitors include Picasso, Degas & Baudelaire!
It was also the place where a "naked" woman appeared on stage for the first time (she wasnt naked - she had a sheer blouse on, but this was 1894..it was a huge scandal)
Over this time it has gone through a few changes but its reputation remains. It is a venue for those with an open mind; where queer folx, trans performers & drag artists rule the stage and young French woman continued to be scandalous.
This includes famous French actress Capucine of Pink Pather stardom (pictured)
We have several versions of these that have arrived in store and TWO OF THEM ARE SIGNED... BY EVERYONE!

Unsigned Copies are NZ$50.00
Signed Copies are NZ$1500.00

Are you ready for an adventure? - 23rd Feb 2021

Do you remember choose-your-own-adventure books!?
We certainly do and they are still A LOT of fun.

But what about the series of video game books created by Joe Dever? 
These follow the same format as the pick-a-path's but are completely illustrated and can be played solo or with a friend!

Pick up yours today!


New Zealand Christmas Cut Off Dates - 7th Dec 2020

New Zealand Christmas Cut Off Dates Meri Kirihimete Everyone!
We all know that books are the best gift this silly season, so to make sure that Santa delivers on time here are the delivery cut off dates for Aotearoa.
The very very last day you can order to get your books by christmas are as follows:

South Island standard: Tuesday the 22nd of December
North Island standard: Monday the 21st of December
Great Barrier Island / Waiheke / Stewart Island: Sunday 20th of December
PO Boxes: Sunday 20th of December
Rural Addresses: Wednesday 16th of December 

By getting your orders in by these days it will give you the best chance of recieving your books by Christmas - however there are no guarantees so the earlier you get in the better!




The standard untracked service (cheapest) can no longer be guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.

To AUSTRALIA, you have until Decmeber 7th for the International Courier service to get the books to you before Christmas.

For the UK, Europe, North America & Asia, you have until the 4th of December.

For everyone else - you've got until the 2nd December (!)

If you've missed these dates, there's still the EXPRESS Courier serivce. It's mighty expensive, but to get to you before Christmas, you have until:
* Australia = 14th December
* North America, UK, Europe, Asia = 10th December
* Rest of the World = 8th December

Be advised that the International Courier service and the Express Courier service don't serve absolutely every country - get in touch with us at books@hardtofind.co.nz to confirm your country

Merry Christmas,
Hard to Find Books

Takahē for Bird of the Year 2020 - 4th Nov 2020

It’s the most important election of the year: Bird of the Year voting is now open! 
Hard to Find Books Dunedin is proud to announce its official backing of the Takahē for #birdoftheyear2020! 

Pictured is an 1882 drawing of the (then thought to be extinct) Takahē from a #firstedition of Walter Buller’s Manual of the Birds of New Zealand. This was a precursor to the famous Buller’s Birds and is more like a field guide - featuring information about where to find native birds, what they do when a gun goes off near by and even what some of them taste like! 
This book is SUPER RARE and will set you back $750NZD

Miscellaneous NEW ARRIVALS to website - 23rd Oct 2020

Everyday, something new to browse - get them while they're going

Plutarch’s Fern - 21st Oct 2020

Plutarch’s Fern Sometimes we find the most beautiful and strange things in our old books. 
This fern was found in the pages of ‘Plutarch Lives’ published in 1711!
I can’t speak to how long the fern has been there - but goodness it is lovely!

We have already sold this book I'm afraid - we just thought you might to see something stunning!

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