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Looking for a job? - 24th Jul 2018

Looking for a job? The Legendary HARD TO FIND (BUT WORTH THE EFFORT) QUALITY SECONDHAND BOOKSHOP Dunedin is hiring one part-time and one full-time worker. Hours are 9.45am to 6.15pm daily

Love books? Money much less important than job satisfaction? Always wanted to work with attractive intelligent interesting people? Then this is the job for you!
The successful applicant will be:
• honest, reliable, friendly, well spoken, with good teeth
• intelligent, organised, well read, with fast accurate keyboard skills (one essential job is data entry) and must know how to use apostrophe’s correctly.
• fit and healthy – books and bookcases are heavy and our shop is upstairs.
The job can be very physically demanding and obsessive so is possibly not suitable for anyone with a real life or sporting ambitions.

Applicants must come in to the Dunedin shop to get an application form (no online applications accepted) and must attach a recent photo. Applications close at 5.30pm on Monday 30 July 2018

Irvine Welsh - 23rd Jul 2018

Irvine Welsh Irvine Welsh is coming to Dunedin in September. His will be a popular session I should think so make sure you book your tickets early. In the meantime, reading some of his books is a good way to prepare yourself for the interview

Most famous for Trainspotting, he has actually written many other books. We will feature one of his each day. You can pop in and pick up a copy or wait until we've highlighted a week's worth. Today's book, as you can see, is Filth.

Noel Virtue - 20th Jul 2018

Our next suggestion to try (if you haven't already read all of his work, of course) is New Zealand author Noel Virtue. 

He is not one of our most prolific writers, but there is still plenty to choose from. I think we have previously recommended The Redemption of Elsdon Bird (and that recommendation stands) but we also like Losing Alice or Sandspit Crossing or maybe Once a Brethren Boy. You could consider reading Among the Animals which is Virtue's autobiographical account of working as a zookeeper.

Come into the shop and pick something out for the weekend - or order a couple of books on line.

CK Stead - 19th Jul 2018

CK Stead One of New Zealand's most famous writers is CK Stead who has written widely, including novels, poetry and short stories. His name is Christian Karlson Stead but he is always known as CK Stead.

If you haven't yet read any of his work, you have plenty of treats in store. You could try any one of the following and get yourself a really good book:
The Singing Whakapapa
The Secret History of Modernism
Sister Hollywood
All Visitors Ashore

Come on into the shop and buy yourself a copy or two - or have a look on line and order on the website.

Renee - 18th Jul 2018

Renee Over the next couple of days, we're going to recommend a few New Zealand authors in case you haven't heard of them and have missed out on the chance of a good read

Renee is a New Zealand author who is published only under her first name but her full name is Renee Taylor. She was born in Napier in 1929. She has written quite a number of plays and novels.

Why not try Kissing Shadows to start with? And then if you like her books, you could try The Skeleton Woman or Finding Ruth (must be good with that name in the title).

e e cummings - 17th Jul 2018

e e cummings Fans of American poet E E Cummings will be interested in this unusual book.

EE Cummings: Poems 1905-1962
An Authorised Typewriter Edition of 770 Collected, 45 Uncollected and 20 Unpublished Poems recreated from the Poet's Manuscripts with Bibliographical & Textual Notes by George Firmage.

This is a limited numbered edition published by The Marchim Press Ltd in 1973. It's a small quarto, half bound with green leather spine & board fore-edges. There is gilt title lettering to the spine and the boards are textured orange cloth. You have to have this volume if you are a cummings fan.

neither could say
(it comes so slow
not since not why)
both didn't know

exeunt they
(not false not true
not you not I)
it comes so who

Yoga - 16th Jul 2018

Yoga Imprpove your balance, flexibility, strength and mental well being - take up yoga. Why not try Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga?

Ashtanga Yoga: Practice and Philospohy
by Gregor Maehle

This book goes through the history of yoga, the fundamentals of breathing, bandhas, drishti, vinyasa and yoga terminology. The postures are clearly illustrated and come with instructions and practical tips. There is information on the philosophy and mythology of Yoga Sutra.

Whether you're just starting out or actually teaching yoga, this is an invaluable resource.

For those who prefer cars to motorcycles - 13th Jul 2018

Alfa Romeo: Catalogue Raisonne 1910-1989
Paolo Altiere & Marco Matteucci (Eds)

Everything you could possibly want to know about the fabulous Alpha Romeo, its history, its technical specifications, its huge array of models, its racing successes and its superb mechanics and designers is in here. And it is accompanied by a massive selection of photographs.

This is a beautiful two-volume set in a matching slipcase. There are two large quarto volumes with red boards and red dust jackets and the slipcase is red with green four-leaf clover motif. The text is in English, French and Italian so you get the added bonus of brushing up on your languages while perusing.

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