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Have you got a heart? - 30th Mar 2017

Dr Ross Walker's entertaining books on heart health are billed as a must for everyone with a heart!

If I Eat Another Carrot I'll Go Crazy! The Five Point Way to a Healthy Heart
What's Cookin' Doc: The Five Point Diet for a Healthy Heart

Dr Walker suggests that heart health is based on some simple food facts and action plans. His method is enjoyable, life-enhancing and fun. He addresses diet, vitamins, exercise and a stress-free life in a straightforward manner and makes complex medicine and science easy. He makes clear why good food, wine & relaxation will keep you out of the cariologist's office. The accompanying recipe book rounds out the healthy heart duo.

We've got copies of these two books for only NZ$1.00 for the two - packaged neatly in a cellophane wrapper and brand new to boot! How can you resist?

Portrait of a Culture: The Trotskys, Freuds, and Woody Allens - 29th Mar 2017

Portrait of a Culture: The Trotskys, Freuds, and Woody Allens What do Freud, Einstein, Trotsky, Woody Allen, Sarah Bernhardt, the Marx Brothers, Bobby Fisher, Noam Chomsky and Bette Midler have in common?

They are all non-practising Jews. Does that matter? According to this book, it certainly does. They are one of the most fascinating and controversial cultural groups of modern times. They win loads of Nobel Prizes; they are prominent in the arts, visionary in the sciences, active in social causes and successful in politics, to mention but a few of the intellectual fields where they excel.

Ivan Kalmar explores this group who he calls 'eji' (pronounced 'edgy'), an acronym for embarrassed about being a Jewish individual. He suggests that this discomfort has propelled them to excellence in many areas.

He tries to answer these questions and many others:
Why are they experts in physics but not zoology?
Why do they play the piano & violin so expertly but rarely the flute?
Why are there superb Jewish actors but so few dancers?

Whether or not you agree with Kalmar's theory. this is a stimulating book which will provoke discussion and thought. It is alternately outrageous, witty, original and contentious.

Trout Flies - 28th Mar 2017

Keith Draper
New Zealand Trout Flies Traditional and Modern
Published by Reed 1997

This is a comprehensive and informative catalogue of the flies, nymphs and lures used in New Zealand trout fishing. It is an essential reference for any fly-fishing enthusiast.

Keith Draper's book tracks the development of the artifical trout fly in New Zealand from the days of the early colonists up to the present. The influences of modern English stillwater angling and of American fly-fishing are reflected along with some uniquely kiwi flies.

The book has a plethora of illustrations, including colour plates showing over 400 flies. This is a guide you have to have - with a bonus of anecdotes and features on many well known local fly fishermen.  

Poetry: Balm for the Soul - 27th Mar 2017

Poetry: Balm for the Soul Best Loved Poems (edited by John Boyes)

From Arnold and Allingham through Hardy and Holmes to Wilde and Wordsworth, this great anthology of classic poetry features verse from all over the English-speaking world.

This is a wonderful collection containing famous and not-so-famous poets and poems of love & hate, youth & old age, humour & tragedy, life & death and much more.

It would make a great gift or if you know someone who is familiar with British but not New Zealand poetry or well read in American but not Canadian verse. Easy to use via themed section, index of first lines or poets' names alphabetically. Grab a copy and make your own or someone else's day.

Spike Milligan - 24th Mar 2017

Today I saw a little worm
Wriggling on his belly.
Perhaps he'd like to come inside 
And see what's on the Telly

A Children's Treasury of Milligan: Classic Stories & Poems
Spike Milligan

This is a delightful anthology of Spike Milligan's poems and stories for children. It is illustrated thoughout with his own drawings and artwork. It is an ideal read-alone or read-aloud book for Spike Milligan fans of all ages. It is a treat for the eye as much as the mind.

Said Hamlet to Ophelia
'I'll do a sketch of thee.
What kind of pencil shall I use, 
2B or not 2B?'


Elena Ferrante - 23rd Mar 2017

Have you noticed a bit of a chill in the air? Perfect weather to snuggle down on the sofa in front of the fire with a good book.

Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan novels will keep you turning the pages. When you finish the first book in the series you'll reach for the second one straight away; then the third; followed promptly by the fourth and last. You can't help wanting to know what happens.

A Los Angeles Times reviewer said "The Neapolitan Novels are a tour de force." The TLS said the books were "Stunning. An intense, forensic exploration of friendship." Megan O'Grady said "They shimmer with Balzacian human detail and subtle psychological suspense." How can you resist?

Treat yourself to a good read. Come on in and buy the first one - you'll be back for the second in no time.
My Brilliant Friend
The Story of a New Name
Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay
The Story of the Lost Child

Latest interior decorating initiative - 22nd Mar 2017

Anyone with an interest in things nautical, rail transport, cars, aircraft, or military history will be pleased to know that there is now a comfy reading space for you to sit and browse.

Whether your particular bent runs to ships and sailing, motor racing and motorbikes, trains and trams, aviation and aeroplanes, or war and weaponry, come on in and plonk yourself down in our new armchairs and peruse our superb collection.

Actually, history, exploration, biography, atlases, and foreign languages are also to be found in the same room so if you've an interest in any of those, you can benefit from the read&relax area too.

You'll see that no expense has been spared in our efforts at interior decorating because of our desire to make your visit as pleasant as possible. See you soon.

Holistic Health - 17th Mar 2017

We have a very varied and eclectic selection of the following books in our wellbeing section in the shop. You are bound to find something that will be of assistance in your quest. So many enlightening and uplifting volumes have been written that there is always something for everyone.
  • Spirituality
  • Humanistic psychology
  • Inner peace
  • Transcendental meditation
  • New age
  • Self-help
  • Life-enhancement
  • Motivational reading
  • Inspirational texts
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Leadership
  • Mysticism
  • Happiness and love
  • Self-improvement
  • Holistic health
  • Life-changing strategies
  • Success


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