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Yesterdays in Maoriland - 28th Jun 2017

Yesterdays in Maoriland by Andreas Reischek

Andreas Reischek, an Austrian taxidermist, came to New Zealand in 1877 and stayed for twelve years. He travelled extensively throughout the country from the far North to Fiordland and the sub-Antarctic islands, studying the flora and fauna and particularly the unique birdlife. 

During the course of his expeditions, he collected 14,000 specimens of birds, fish, reptiles and plants. He presented the entire collection to Austria on his return home.

Before he died in 1902, he recorded his discoveries, adventures and impressions of New Zealand and the Maori people in this book Yesterdays in Maoriland. Reischek wrote in a simple and unaffected style and this book will be a joy to anyone interested in natural history or in the early colonial times or in tales of travel with a faithful dog.

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