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Yesterday's answer - 28th Jun 2018

Yesterday's answer This is the quote which was on our Facebook page yesterday:
"It occurred to Jessie, feeling the freshness of the hills and the cicadas singing, that it would be about as good a summer as they'd ever had on the Coast."

It is the last line of a novel called Coal Flat written by New Zealand author Bill Pearson. I highly recommend this book. If you haven't read it, you should. It is beautifully written and is a superb portrait of a small town on the West Coast in 1940s/1950s' New Zealand.

I know we've been featuring a lot of relatively 'old' NZ writers - that's because they are all very good ones - but keep in mind the huge array of current New Zealand writers (ie living and writing now) and bring your mental list into the shop. Think of Fiona Kidman, Emma Neale, Vincent O'Sullivan, Vanda Symon, Laurence Fearnley, Jenny Pattrick, to name but a few. See you at the NZ literature section.

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