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Work-Life Balance - 27th Oct 2017

Work-Life Balance for Dummies
Work-Life Balance in the 21st Century by Diane Houston
In Search of Work-Life Balance by Russell Clay

I was going to write about these various self-help sort of books today but then I started thinking about the titles and about how infuriating I find that expression.

I mean, what on earth does a work-life balance mean? It implies that work is not part of life. As most of us spend eight hours a day at work, it most certainly is part of everyday life. Many people even love their jobs.

You could have a life-death balance, or a work/time off balance, or possibly a work/non-work balance but you cannot, in any meaningful way, have a work-life balance. Are you dead at work? It is an annoying expression. You can't even say it's inexact or imprecise. It is just plain wrong.

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