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Wood engravings - 10th Feb 2017

Lines of Light: The Wood Engravings of Campbell Smith
by Ann McEwan

Campbell Smith is a New Zealand artist who was born in Masterton in 1925. He was a huge admirer of the Englishman Thomas Bewick, who is considered the 'father' of wood engraving, and this led eventually to his own fascination with the medium.

"Wood engraving, with its black and white image, is something close to music. It is a form of art which invites the engraver to make a statement: for me, that is about life and living in this country, New Zealand."

Ann McEwan's lovely book showcases Campbell Smith's art, which itself demonstrates his love of his native country and his feel for rural New Zealand. You cannot fail to be charmed by this book and converted (if you are not already a fan) to this simple, direct and intimate art form.

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