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Who or what is this? - 19th May 2017

She's about the size of a grape seed and is a vicious killer.
She can deposit 30 or 40 () parasites in the human bloodstream at a single bite.
She is one of the greatest killers of all time.
She is a nuisance, a pain and an angel of death.
One person dies of () every twelve seconds.

Mosquito by Andrew Spielman and Michael D'Antonio

This is an excellent book about the mosquito and will appeal to a broad audience. It is clear, aiuthoritative and right to the point on the mosquito's importance to humanity. As well as being an interesting read, it is a model of popular science writing. Professor Spielman and Michael D'Antonio thoroughly cover the history of the mosquito without being deadly (unlike the beastie they are studying). You will be fascinated and appalled by this book. You may even turn into an entomologist by the end of it!

"If you would see all of Nature gathered up at one point, in all her loveliness, and her skill, and her deadliness, and her sex, where would you find a more exquisite symbol than the mosquito?"
Havelock Ellis


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