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Well known authors - unknown books - 5th Jul 2016

When I say John Bunyan, Louisa M Alcott, Daniel Defoe or LP Hartley to you, you can say Pilgrim's Progress, Little Women, Robinson Crusoe and The Go-Between without having to think much about it.  

Now try this test: here's the book title, you guess the famous author (answers at the end)
1 Simonetta Perkins
2 Behind a Mask
3 The King of Pirates
4 The Life and Death of Mr Badman
5 The Touchstone
6 Tom Sawyer, Detective

Perhaps you've never heard of any of the above books but would like to give them a go.  We have a selection of little known novels by very well known writers so come in and have a look.
(Answers: 1 LP Hartley; 2 Louisa M Alcott; 3 Daniel Defoe; 4 John Bunyan; 5 Edith Wharton; 6 Mark Twain)

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