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Weird Book TItles - 5th Jun 2018

Weird Book TItles While working out the back amongst our internet stock last week, I happened to spot a book with a title that made me smile. It's probably happened to all of us at some stage when in a book shop or a library or while perusing someone else's book shelves. 

How about this one:
Fish Are Such Liars

I didn't even stop to look what it was about. I just smiled and carried on. But later I thought it might be quite interesting to scout around for strange or amusing titles and/or for those kinds of books where you wonder how on earth anyone could ever have thought it was worth writing such a book or that it would ever find a reader or a buyer.

Anyway, Fish are Such Liars starts this week's theme of oddities. The book is by Ronald Pertwee and turns out to be fiction rather than fishing. I was envisaging some angler reminiscing about catching (or not) wily trout but it was not to be

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