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War Paint - 10th Jan 2017

No, not what you are thinking. Not the normal meaning of war paint.

War Paint: Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden
Their Lives, Their Times, Their Rivalry

by Lindy Woodhead

This book is the story of Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden, two extraordinary businesswomen in the beauty industry. It is more than just a biography.

I won't write a review of this book. I will simply quote the opinion of a Mr Page which was clearly expressed in a handwritten note loosely enclosed in a copy we bought.

"Never have I read such an awful history of a man-mad woman, turned Catholic and going to mass at 6am, and then dead drunk before the day was out. Lived with 11 men, married and divorced, two killed in war and accidents, all drunks...nothing but parties galore. Money squandered and two rotten old parents, an appalling life. I wonder she could expose it all. Had some ability but brainless. Was a horrible fool."

Don't let his opinion put you off completely. Read it yourself and make up your own mind!


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