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WHISKY GALORE - 2nd Sep 2016

The world's greatest spirit (and little or no argument about it)

Whether it's Scottish, Irish, Canadian, Kentucky, Tennessee, Japanese, single malt, bourbon, rye, or blended whiskies and whether you want to drink it, gift it, or read about it, you'll find something to enjoy here today.

Maybe you're thinking about Father's Day which is rapidly approaching, maybe you need a pick-me-up, maybe you're after a special tipple to celebrate something.  Whatever the occasion, there is bound to be a whisky to suit your tastebuds and your pocket.

And here's a little traditional rhyme to help on the morning after:

I don't feel too healthy this morning
with the whisky fumes still in my head.
No, I don't feel too healthy this morning
so I think I'll just stay here in bed.

Perhaps later today I'll feel better
and maybe by late afternoon,
when my hands have stopped trembling and shaking,
I'll be able to eat..... with a spoon.

Then later on, in the evening,
I'll be back to normal, I think,
In fact I'll be feeling so healthy, 
I might just go out for a drink.

Good health to you!

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