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Urban myths - 14th Mar 2017

Urban myths Good Luck, Mr Gorsky: Exploring Urban Myths
by Robert Pollock

In this book Robert Pollock looks at various extraordinary, amusing, and occasionally frightening urban myths which are repeated all over the world. He asks where they come from and why they continue to be so popularly and enthusiastically repeated generation after generation.

We've all been in situations where conversations begin with the ubiquitous "They say that...." or "Did you hear that..." or "Everyone knows....". Perhaps we've all been responsible for starting that way ourselves when going on to add:

  • a local restaurant was serving cooked pet dogs...
  • there was a babysitter in Australia who boiled the baby...
  • she was so furious with him that she superglued it to his stomach while he was asleep...
  • Adolph Hitler designed the VW Beetle....  and many many more.
All our lives we hear and repeat urban myths like these. We are constantly bombarded with them from childhood onwards. Buy this entertaining and fascinating book and join Robert Pollock as he exposes the pure fiction behind so many of our urban myths.

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