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Travel - 15th Nov 2017

Journey into Russia By Laurens van der Post; A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy
By Laurence Sterne; Apples in the Snow: A Journey to Samarkand by Geoffrey Moorhouse

What these volumes have in common is the word 'journey'. They all deal with genuine journeys: I mean when someone travels somewhere or goes on a voyage. The word makes one think of historical explorations or feats of physical bravery and endurance, treks, tours, expditions or even cruises. You get a sense of adventure and, essentially. travel.

What kind of journeys do people make these days? They seem to go on fitness journeys or learning (aaargggh) journeys or spiritual journeys or self-improvement journeys or weight-loss journeys. You even hear of journeys through the City Council Planning Department to get a building permit or journeys through the health system to get a consultant appointment.

Let's save the word 'journey' for movement between different physical locations that involves actual travel with some luggage (or even without). Try using a bit of the huge vocabulary offered by English and choosing a more appropriate word for the learning journey.

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