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Train your brain - 18th May 2017

Train your brain Mozart's Brain and the Fighter Pilot: Unleashing Your Brain's Potential
by Richard Restak, M.D.
Learn as much as possible about how your brain works.
Apply your knowledge about the human brain to organize your ideas.
Learn about the brain's motor programmes and how to use them.
Improve your memory by using a memory system.
Think in terms of brain geography.

I was pretty worn out and demoralised after the first couple of pages and had lost the will to try and enhance my mental functioning. It seemed to require more cognitive effort than I was prepared to expend. Of the 28 short chapters or steps, only 19 and 21 appealed and fell within the limited effort I'm prepared to make:
Develop a tolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity
Increase mental acuity through wide and varied reading.

Apparently you're not meant to start in the middle so I'm giving up before I've started (wimp) but it does appear to be quite a realistic approach to improving your brain power. Do a bit more than me and let Richard Restak teach you how to be smarter through neuropsychiatry. 
It comes highly recommended according to the blurbs on the back. Please read it and tell me whether it was worth the effort or not?


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