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Tony Eyre Challenge - 3rd Oct 2018

Tony Eyre Challenge Why not compete in our current competition The Tony Eyre Challenge.
The competition is named in honour of the winner of almost all of our previous literary quizzes. We are hoping to stymie his winning streak (probably a forlorn hope) by concentrating on world literature rather than New Zealand.

Starting this week and continuing next, daily Wed to Sat, we are featuring little-known titles by very famous authors. All the books are available in the shop if you fancy reading them. First to name the correct author gets a point. The winner is the person with most points at end of week two. NO GOOGLING ALLOWED.

Today's title: The Life and Death of Mr Badman.

All you have to do is log in to our Facebook page and enter the correct name of the author. 
(and by the way, do you recognise the person in this photo?)

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