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Tiny Homes - 17th Jan 2017

Lloyd Kahn's
Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter
Tiny Homes on the Move: Wheels and Water

The idea of scaling back and living somewhere smaller and more affordable is no doubt something many of us dream of. If you've ever entertained such a thought, Lloyd Kahn will inspire you to try.

These books contain a fabulous array of really beautiful tiny homes. You will be astounded by the creativity and ingenious design of many of these houses, often built by their owners, who are not professionals.

Sit back and dream of being mortgage-free or rent-free in your new downsized dwelling as you thumb through these superbly photographed books. Even if you aren't planning to change, you will definitely enjoy the ingenuity and artistry which has inspired this rich array of gorgeous homes. Don't miss out. Come and get a copy today.

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