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The Most Dangerous Animal of All - 24th Apr 2017

The Most Dangerous Animal of All Gary L Stewart with Susan Mustafa
The Most Dangerous Animal of All: 
Searching for My Father and Finding The Zodiac Killer

This is the memoir of Gary Stewart, who discovers that his father is one of the most infamous and as yet uncaught serial killers in America.

Gary Stewart was adopted. At the age of 39, he decided to search for his biological father. This book tells the story of his ten-year hunt for his father. It was a complex trawl through government records, news reports, police department archives, relatives, friends, and forensic evidence.

His quest led ultimately to an unexpected and unwelcome truth: his father was the Zodiac killer, one of the most notorious and elusive serial killers in American history.This is his story and, as far as he has been able to recreate it. that of his father. 

Who needs crime fiction? Try this for a change.

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