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The Miles Kelly Book of Lists (and answers to yesterday's quiz) - 4th Aug 2016

The Miles Kelly Book of Lists

This little book is a very useful item.  No household should be without one.  It's exactly what you need for so many things.  You can effortlessly organise fundraising quiz nights for months and months.  You can run team competitions in the classroom without the usual planning or preparation.  You can drive your friends and family to distraction for weeks on end.  You can make the average car journey really unendurable and ruin many a quiet family evening in front of the tele!

On the plus side, it's a very attractive little book and it really is packed with interesting facts and fascinating trivia.  It is a goldmine of information and is very easy to use.  You could while away many a happy hour just dipping into it.   

Answers: 1) Tatooine 2) 29 3) Gordon Sumner 4) Melbourne 5) Frank Bruno
6) Christian Science 7) Tiffany 8) Edouard Manet 9) Robert Kennedy 10) A parliament 

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