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The Ghost Railways of New Zealand - 8th Dec 2016

Exploring New Zealand's Ghost Railways
by David Leitch and Brian Scott

Anyone travelling around New Zealand will benefit from a copy of this book. Whether you are a railway enthusiast, a historian, a tramper, a weekend walker or a tourist, get a copy of this and put it in your car or your backpack or your panniers.

The book sets out a detailed history of each ghost line and covers its construction, its use, its operation & decline, and what is left that you can see now. The authors provide a very clear guide so that you can easily find the line and explore what remains. They also helpfully include a rough estimate of how long the walk will take and their opinion of how worthwhile the visit will be. 

David Leitch and Brian Scott's book will inspire you to get out and about in the fresh air and explore the bygone world of New Zealand's railways, stations, tunnels and bridges.  You'll have a great time while learning a lot about New Zealand's past.

Come in and get a copy before you go on holiday.

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