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The Book of VIrtues - 20th Nov 2017

The Book of VIrtues Stop reading now if you don't think these traits are important: responsiblity, courage, compassion, loyalty, honesty, friendship, self-discipline, and perseverence. However, most of us hope that our children will develop all these qualities. For that to happen, they need examples of good and bad, right and wrong, cowardice and bravery and so on.

A good place to find them is in great works of literature. William J Bennett in The Book of Virtues: A Treasury of Great Moral Sories has collected hundreds of stories into an anthology which offers a rich vein of moral stories dealing with the above character traits; nice clear examples of the ideals by which we wish to live.

The stories come from sources as wide as Aesop's fables, Greek mythology, Aristotelian philosophy, fiction, the Bible and many more. A huge resource for parents and children alike.

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