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Tattoos - 26th Jul 2016

"A good tattoo has a story which runs much deeper than the skin."  If you are interested in the stories behind the tattoos, you won't go wrong with "Inked" by Carey Hart, a fascinating collection of profiles and personal stories behind each tattoo.

Maybe you're thinking of getting a tattoo.  It's not a bad idea to have a look at the huge array of body art on offer, from ancient designs of primitive tribes to the fashion statements of today, from hearts & flowers to tigers & dragons, from traditional to photographic, from abstract to simple script, from portraiture to totally weird, or from the occult to cartoons.

Looking through the books will not only inspire you, it will help you to work out what you want. It will give you a respect for the artistry of the tattooists and an understanding of the global appeal of tattoo art.  

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