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Tarot - 23rd Jan 2018

Tarot Nancy Garen's Tarot Made Easy

For those who have long been intrigued by the idea of reading tarot cards but have been confused about the how, this is the book for you. By following the very simple method presented in this book, you will immediately know how to predict events.

With this book, you can interpret the meaning of any card and apply it to particular circumstances in life. You don't have to memorise the meaning of cards or their significance. All you need is a pack of Tarot cards and a question. You choose one card and then consult one or more of the categories offered under each card.

Come in and get a copy and you'll soon be on the way to doing readings and discovering the cards' specific messages for you (or your clients). Travel, romance, work, finance, family, fortune, success, and disappointment are among the many different headings that are covered.

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