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Tao Daily Meditations - 12th Apr 2017

Tao Daily Meditations 365 Tao Daily Meditations
by Deng Ming-Dao
On each of the 365 pages, there is a one-word title with its Chinese character in calligraphy and then a succinct aphorism introducing the theme. Following that, there is a meditation on the day's Taoist principle.

Just one of the daily meditations from this book has been selected to whet your appetite:

Sex, coffee, liquor, and cigarettes
Are the totems of today.
Stimulation has replaced feeling.

In today's world, these are the equations:

  • Do you want intimacy? Have sex.
  • Do you want to be energetic? Drink coffee.
  • Do you want freedom from inhibitions? Drink wine.
  • Do you want a fashionable prop? Smoke cigarettes.
 I am not including the insightful meditation on the topic which follows this intro - you'll need to buy a copy of the book if you want to know how it turns out. My colleague thinks this part is great on its own and needs no further elaboration!

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