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Sleeping, snoozing, dozing, napping, - 23rd Sep 2016

Sleeping, snoozing, dozing, napping, Sleepfaring: A Journey through the Science of Sleep
by Jim Horne

Everyone does it.  We can't exist without it. We have to get enough of it to function.  And in the main, it is rather enjoyable.  It's sleep.

Jim Horne, the author of this book, is Professor of Psychophysiology and Director of the Sleep Research Centre.  Here he looks at the science and secrets behind sleep and the enormous amount that scientists and researchers still don't understand about it.  Sleep is a process involving many parts and many substances within the brain and is much more complex than just a nice rest with dreams!

He looks at brain physiology, psychology and medical factors affecting sleep. We learn about the body clock, sleep deficit or deprivation, REM sleep, current sleep research, and how fundamental sleep is to our ability to think and make decisions.  

You might even find a few practical hints to help you get a better night's sleep if you happen to have problems sleeping.

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