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Sexist Words and Phrases - 16th Jan 2017

Sexist Words and Phrases The Nonsexist Word Finder: A Dictionary of Gender-free Usage
by Rosalie Maggio

This is an accessible, easy-to-use guide which gives alternatives for over 5000 sexist words and phrases.

If you replace sexist words & phrases with neutral terms then you are treating everyone with respect. It can sometimes be difficult, however, to find a suitable alternative. This will be especially important if you are a writer, a teacher or someone who does a lot of public speaking. Fear not, help is at hand with the Nonsexist Word Finder.

You can use this book to avoid obsolete or offensive words. Just look up the word you want to avoid and select from the 'gender-free' synonyms offered. 

For example, instead of saying 'manpower', you could try personnel or staff or workers. Don't make a snowman in winter, try sculpting a snow figure. You may find yourself chuckling over a few of the suggestions (and that will be half the fun) but you won't be stuck for words.

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