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SLOGANS - 30th Nov 2016

by Laurence Urdang & Ceila Robbins (Eds)

A collection of more than 6000 slogans, rallying cries and other exhortations used in advertising, political campaigns, popular causes and movements, and divers efforts to urge people to take action, the entries representing a broad spectrum of time and origin yet conveniently arranged by thematic categories and identified as to source, the whole enhanced by a specially prepared foreword and introduction and by the inclusion of detailed indexes.

The above paragraph is the subtitle of the book!!  Seeing that, one could be forgiven for being permanently put off reading further.  Such an unneccessarily lengthy subtitle leads one to expect turgid dreary reading. 

Far from it.  This is a lovely book to dip into and will undoubtedly bring you face to face with some slogans you already know, although you may not know where they come from. You certainly will once you get your hands on this book. You could even use it as the basis for a quiz or an after-dinner competition.  Some of them actually make you smile.  Try a few of these:

Great aches from little corns grow.  (No surprise that this is for corn pads).
Tide's in, dirt's out.  (Proctor & Gamble's ad for Tide detergent).
Nothing runs like a Deere. (Deere Tractor slogan - obviously)
It's the real thing. (Coca Cola)
Pop goes the Piper. (Piper-Heidsieck champagne)

And with that last one, why not POP in and pick up a copy.


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