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Robin Morrison The South Island of New Zealand: From the Road - 1st Sep 2016

Beautiful photography

This book offers a very different South Island to the one normally presented in books of photography.  You are usually provided with stunning scenery and picturesque landscapes but here is an alternative view.

As Hamish Keith said, deliberately misquoting LP Hartley, "The imagination is another country and they do things differently there."  And that is definitely the South Island that Robin Morrison presents in this beautiful book.  

Here are the real houses and pubs and lodges and sheds and the real people who inhabit the island.  You get a feeling that you 'know' the South Island when you've perused this book. It gives you a desire to set off around the country on your own road trip just to see if you can see even half of what Robin Morrison's sensitive and imaginative lens has captured.  

It's a really lovely book and if you don't already know it, it's worth a very good look.  Even if you are already familiar with it, another visit won't disappoint.  Beautiful.

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