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Queen's Birthday - 14th Jun 2016

Two very different novels about the Queen; apt as she's just celebrated her 90th birthday.  The first is "The Autobiography of the Queen" by Emma Tennant.

We asked an 89-year-old customer what she thought of Emma Tennant's book.  She said, "It's all right.  I wouldn't rave over it - but then I imagine it's not meant to be raved over.  It's quite nice in its portrayal of the Queen."  We asked what she meant and her impromptu review turned a little more positive. " It says, 'Never before met a frowning face.' and I don't suppose she has.  All sorts of little things like that in everyday life that she (the Queen) had never come across."

But it is the second book by Alan Bennett, "The Uncommon Reader" which received the best review. " A really lovely book, a pleasure to read, an intriguing idea.  Definitely to be recommended. I could happily read it again and I've already read it twice."

We have copies of both books so why not give them both a read and add your comments to this customer's review?

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